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Small Business Icons

small business icons

Over a hundred royalty-free icons for developing small business solutions available for instant download! Small Business Icons represent a wide range of business items, notions, and actions from billing to shipping, insurance, and customer support.

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Mehr als hundert unentgeltlich Symbole für die Entwicklung von Small Business Solutions zum sofortigen Download zur Verfügung! Small Business Icons repräsentieren ein breites Sortiment an Business-Produkten, Ideen und Aktionen von der Rechnungsstellung bis zum Versand-, Versicherungs-und Kunden-Support.

small business icons - business, basket, full basket, add to basket, remove from basket, payment, money, exchange, dollar, euro, pound, yen, rouble, baht, shekel, yuan, currency, currency exchange, price list, sale, percent, insurance, credit, date, time, timer, clock, alarm, free, safe icon
small business icons - wallet, handbag, visa card, maestro card, credit card, credit cards, piggy, piggy bank, coin, coins, gift, cash register, calculator, accounting, price, economics, report, reports, pie chart, bar chart, best, telephone, phone, phone number, call, hangup, mobile phone, fax, billboard, diploma icon
small business icons - certificate, inventory, contacts, address book, letter, mail, open folder, folder, folder v2, open file, open file v2, documents, documents v2, card file, brief case, contact list, client list, conference, unknown person, user, users, user group, boy, girl, worker, policeman, engineer, managers, postman, courier icon
small business icons - signature, friends, handshake, properties, login, smile, sad, funny, happy, buddy, dog, cat, pets, print, printer, print preview, save, save as, edit, pencil, pen, hierarchy, genealogy, flow block, rss, favourites, heart, red star, monitor, computer icon
small business icons - mouse, desktop, control panel, notes, new file, text file, text, copy, cut, paste, list, lists, numbered list, unordered list, task list, todo list, scroll list, calendar, application form, open book, clipboard, software, comment, comments, bubble, book, help, info, accept, create icon
small business icons - add, delete, cancel, close, no, stop, error, problem, warning, tick, down, left, right, up, refresh, search, zoom, zoom in, zoom out, download, upload, hard disk, camera, flash drive, wireless, bluetooth, cable, construction, dice, microsoft icon
small business icons - resources, shield, game controller, connect, disconnect, gear, database, wizard, weather, rain, peace, new, music, anchor, exit button, exit, closed door, open door, brick house, home, company, industry, hotel, hotel stars, advertisement, goods, online, globe, e-mail, navigator icon
small business icons - wheight, compass, component, sum, global business, pills, delivery, airplane, taxi, forklift truck, steering wheel, food, coffee break icon


Business, Basket, Full basket, Add to basket, Remove from basket, Payment, Money, Exchange, Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Rouble, Baht, Shekel, Yuan, Currency, Currency exchange, Price list, Sale, Percent, Insurance, Credit, Date, Time, Timer, Clock, Alarm, Free, Safe, Wallet, Handbag, Visa card, Maestro card, Credit card, Credit cards, Piggy, Piggy bank, Coin, Coins, Gift, Cash register, Calculator, Accounting, Price, Economics, Report, Reports, Pie chart, Bar chart, Best, Telephone, Phone, Phone number, Call, Hangup, Mobile phone, Fax, Billboard, Diploma, Certificate, Inventory, Contacts, Address book, Letter, Mail, Open folder, Folder, Folder v2, Open file, Open file v2, Documents, Documents v2, Card file, Brief case, Contact list, Client list, Conference, Unknown person, User, Users, User group, Boy, Girl, Worker, Policeman, Engineer, Managers, Postman, Courier, Signature, Friends, Handshake, Properties, Login, Smile, Sad, Funny, Happy, Buddy, Dog, Cat, Pets, Print, Printer, Print preview, Save, Save as, Edit, Pencil, Pen, Hierarchy, Genealogy, Flow block, RSS, Favourites, Heart, Red star, Monitor, Computer, Mouse, Desktop, Control panel, Notes, New file, Text file, Text, Copy, Cut, Paste, List, Lists, Numbered list, Unordered list, Task list, Todo list, Scroll list, Calendar, Application form, Open book, Clipboard, Software, Comment, Comments, Bubble, Book, Help, Info, Accept, Create, Add, Delete, Cancel, Close, No, Stop, Error, Problem, Warning, Tick, Down, Left, Right, Up, Refresh, Search, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom out, Download, Upload, Hard disk, Camera, Flash drive, Wireless, Bluetooth, Cable, Construction, Dice, Microsoft, Resources, Shield, Game controller, Connect, Disconnect, Gear, Database, Wizard, Weather, Rain, Peace, New, Music, Anchor, Exit button, Exit, Closed door, Open door, Brick house, Home, Company, Industry, Hotel, Hotel stars, Advertisement, Goods, Online, Globe, E-mail, Navigator, Wheight, Compass, Component, Sum, Global business, Pills, Delivery, Airplane, Taxi, Forklift truck, Steering wheel, Food, Coffee break

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Business-, Basket, Full legen, den Einkaufskorb, Entfernen aus dem Warenkorb, Bezahlung, Geld, Börse, Dollar, Euro, Pfund, Yen, Rubel, Baht, Shekel, Yuan, Währung, Geldwechsel, Preisliste, Verkauf, Prozente, Versicherungen , Credit, Datum, Uhrzeit, Timer, Uhrzeit, Wecker, kostenlose, Safe, Geldbörse, Handtasche, Visa, Maestro-Karte, Kreditkarte, Kreditkarten, Piggy, Piggy Bank, Coin, Coins, Gift, Registrierkasse, Rechner, Accounting , Preis-, Wirtschafts-, Report, Reports, Kreisdiagramm, Balkendiagramm, Best, Telefon, Telefon, Telefon, Anrufen, Auflegen, Handy, Fax, Billboard, Diplom, Zertifikat, Inventar, Kontakte, Adressbuch, Brief, E-Mail, Ordner öffnen, Ordner, Ordner v2, Open-Datei, Datei öffnen v2, Dokumente, Dokumente v2, Card-Datei, Aktentasche, Kontaktliste, Referenzliste, Konferenz, unbekannte Person, User, Benutzer, Benutzergruppen, Boy, Girl, Arbeiter, Polizist, Ingenieur, Manager, Postman, Courier, Unterschrift, Freunde, Handshake, Immobilien, Login, Smile, Sad, Funny, Happy, Buddy, Hund, Katze, Haustiere, Print, Drucker, Druckvorschau, Speichern, Speichern unter, Edit, Bleistift, Feder, Hierarchie, Genealogie, Flow-Block, RSS, Favoriten, Herz, Roter Stern, Monitor, Computer, Maus, Desktop, Systemsteuerung, Notizen, Neue Datei, Text-Datei, Text, Kopieren, Ausschneiden, Einfügen, Liste, Listen , Nummerierte Liste Ungeordnete Liste, Aufgabenliste, Todo-Liste, Scroll-Liste, Kalender, Antragsformular, offenes Buch, Zwischenablage, Software, Kommentar, Kommentare, Bubble, Buch, Hilfe, Info, Übernehmen, Erstellen, Hinzufügen, Löschen, Abbrechen, Close, Nein, Stop, Fehler, Problem, Warnung, Tick, Unten, Links, Rechts, Hoch, Aktualisierung, Suche, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom out, Download, Upload, Festplatte, Kamera, Flash-Laufwerk, Wireless, Bluetooth, Kabel-, Bau-, Würfel-, Microsoft-Ressourcen, Shield, Game Controller, Connect, Disconnect, Zahnrad-, Datenbank-Assistenten, Wetter, Regen, Frieden, Neu, Musik, Anker, Exit-Taste, Exit, Geschlossene Tür, Tür öffnen, Brick House , Home, Unternehmen, Industrie, Hotel, Hotel Sternen, Werbung, Waren, Online, Globe, E-Mail, Navigator, wHeight, Kompass, Component, Sum, Global Business, Tabletten-, Liefer-, Flugzeug, Taxi, Gabelstapler, Lenkrad , Food, Kaffeepause

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  • Bildgrößen: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 Pixel
  • Dateiformate: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon-Varianten: normal, hot, disabled
  • Anzahl der Bilder: 223
  • Preis: 99.95 EUR

    Icons kaufen - small business icons

    Icons downloaden - small business icons

    Über Small Business Icons

    Over a hundred royalty-free icons for developing small business solutions available for instant download! Small Business Icons represent a wide range of business items, notions, and actions from billing to shipping, from insurance to customer support, and from computer hardware to information security. Drawn in uniform colors and sharing common gamma, Small Business Icons look strict, modern, and slick at the same time. The images are easy to recognize and a joy to see.

    Small Business Icons include images for Empty and Full Baskets, Add to and Remove From Basket, Friends and Handshake, Properties, Login, Payment, a variety of currencies such as Dollar, Euro and Pound, Wallet, Price List, Gift, Cash Register, Calculator, Phone, Fax, Billboard, Conference, Print and Print Preview, as well as many other symbols, notions, and actions used in a typical small business project. Full-size previews are available online.

    Small Business Icons allow software and Web developers cut down the costs of designing custom images for developing products, services and solutions for small businesses. Small Business Icons are instantly available and ready to download in just a moment after placing an order. No need to wait for graphics designers to draw icons to your specs! All Small Business Icons are royalty-free, and can be used in multiple products and services without any additional licensing fees.

    Technically, your order will get you more than a hundred images in a variety of sizes, color resolutions, file formats, and states. All icons are available in resolutions of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 Pixel. 8-bit (256-color) and 32-bit True Color versions with alpha-channel are available. All images come in ICO, BMP, GIF, and PNG file formats, and are available in three states: normal, disabled, and highlighted.
    Über Small Business Icons
    Google translation

    Mehr als hundert unentgeltlich Symbole für die Entwicklung von Small Business Solutions zum sofortigen Download zur Verfügung! Small Business Icons repräsentieren ein breites Sortiment an Business-Produkten, Ideen und Aktionen von der Rechnungsstellung bis zum Versand, von Versicherungs-Kunden zu unterstützen, und von Computer-Hardware, um die Informationssicherheit. In Uniform Farben gezeichnet und die gemeinsame gamma, schauen Sie Small Business Icons strengen, moderne und schicke zur gleichen Zeit. Die Bilder sind leicht zu erkennen und eine Freude zu sehen.

    Small Business Icons sind Bilder zu leeren und vollen Körbe, hinzufügen und entfernen aus dem Warenkorb, Freunde und Handshake, Immobilien, Anmeldung, Zahlung, eine Vielzahl von Währungen wie Dollar, Euro und Pfund, Brieftasche, Preisliste, Gift, Registrierkasse, Taschenrechner, Telefon, Fax, Billboard, Konferenz-, Print-und Print-Preview, wie auch viele andere Symbole, Begriffe und Maßnahmen in einem typischen kleinen Unternehmen genutzt werden. Full-size-Vorschau ist online verfügbar.

    Small Business Icons erlaubt Software-und Web-Entwickler reduzieren die Kosten des Entwerfen von benutzerdefinierten Images für die Entwicklung von Produkten, Dienstleistungen und Lösungen für kleine Unternehmen. Small Business Icons sind sofort verfügbar und zum Download bereit in einen Moment, nachdem Sie eine Bestellung aufgeben. Keine Notwendigkeit, für Grafik-Designer warten, bis die Symbole fahren, wird auf Ihre Angaben! Alle Small Business Icons sind lizenzfrei und können in mehreren Produkten und Dienstleistungen, die ohne zusätzliche Lizenzgebühren genutzt werden.

    Technisch gesehen, wird Ihre Bestellung mehr als hundert Bilder zu erhalten in einer Vielzahl von Größen, Farben Auflösungen, Dateiformate und Staaten. Alle Symbole sind in einer Auflösung von 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 zur Verfügung, und 48x48 Pixel. 8-Bit (256 Farben) und 32-Bit True-Color-Versionen mit Alpha-Kanal zur Verfügung. Alle Bilder gibt es in ICO, BMP, GIF und PNG-Datei-Formate, und sind in drei Zustände: normal zur Verfügung, Behinderte, und hervorgehoben werden.