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Perfect Office Icons

perfect office icons

Perfect Office Icons collection is a set of royalty-free icons which has been specially designed to breathe a new life into all of your office applications.

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Perfect Office-Ikonen Ansammlung ist eine Reihe von Royalty-Free Icons, die die speziell für ein neues Leben in all Ihre Office-Anwendungen zu atmen.

perfect office icons - open, up folder, close folder, closed folder, open folder, documents, publish, my pictures, open file, new folder, save, save as, save data, printer, print, print preview, fast print, send fax, shredder, scanner, portrait, landscape, paper, no paper, search, search previous, search next, cut, copy, paste icon
perfect office icons - clipboard, preview, inspector, compare files, view, zoom in, zoom out, actual size, find, find text, find on computer, find in folder, seo, spectacles, back, forward, undo, redo, sync, synchronize, refresh, update, revert, flip, rotation, rotate right, rotate left, previous, next, go icon
perfect office icons - reject, accept, check boxes, ok, no, cancel, close, turn off, terminate, stop, restart, info, hint, support, about, comment, message, warning, error, danger, problem, forbidden, create, add, delete, remove, apply, clear, eraser, empty dustbin icon
perfect office icons - full dustbin, new file, text file, file properties, export text, import text, word 97 file, word file, word sample, check compatibility, title page, drop cap, caption, header, footer, marginal notes, page number, current position, side page number, top page number, bottom page number, page number format, delete page number, cross reference, checking area, edit text, edit document, overpatching, accept changes, reject changes icon
perfect office icons - flip changes, show changes, next correction, previuos correction, page, add page, remove page, page marking, page width, page break, scale 100, two files, two pages, read mode, prepare, draft, final document, restrictions, properties, file info, lock file, encipher, signature, structure, express block, digital signature, file server, workspace, how to, script icon
perfect office icons - scenario, macro, form, blank, blanks, items, list, lists, list page, list pages, number list, scroll list, to do list, to do list page, task list, task list page, report, reports, report page, report pages, market report, market report page, certification, certificate, cheque, invoice, price list, price list page, edit prices, order icon
perfect office icons - tasks, client list, blog, object, object manager, web document, web site, html message, site map, news, image file, sound file, multimedia file, binary file, burn text, page options, replace text, translation, spell checking, sort a-z, sort z-a, sort 1-9, sort 9-1, letters and digits, digits, abc, chinese, korean, japanese, font style icon
perfect office icons - select font, question, symbol, formula, sum, percent, email, bold, italic, special symbols, underlined, superscript, subscript, enlarge size, reduce size, align text left, align text center, align text right, justify text, align left, align right, align center, justify, table, tables, export table, import table, datasheet, grid, card icon
perfect office icons - cards, card file, card index, open card index, briefcase, window, windows, new window, divide window, move to other window, normalize windows, wordart, brush, feather, pen, red pencil, green pencil, blue pencil, black pencil, picture, images, clip, gallery, palette, paint, graphic tools, camera, movie, chart, diagram icon
perfect office icons - 3dchart, 3d bar chart, statistics, pie chart, 2d pie chart, figures, objects, smartart, thesaurus, book, help book, address book, case history, book of records, open book, notebook, notes, notepad, diary, book library, reference books, open references, online references, hyperlink, internet, globe, rss, upload, download, hard drive icon
perfect office icons - data transmission, restore, backup, computer, database, keyboard, calculator, phone, mobile phone, phones, phone support, telephone directory, phone number, letter, mail, write email, open mail, receive, send, get mail, send mail, envelope, select recipients, start merging, stickers, attach, note, new note, delete note, previous note icon
perfect office icons - next note, bookmark, pin, select, cursor, hierarchy, flow block, calendar, date and time, alarm, time, history, schedule, time management, dollar, money, credit card, credit cards, login form, login, lock, key, keys, shield, filter, rulers, measure, units, screen settings, configuration icon
perfect office icons - repair, settings, favourites, wizard, user, users, user group, people, conference, chief editor, editor, writer, blogger, interpreter, event manager, professor, lecturer, student, class board, monkey, knowledge, publisher, office, desk, coffee, handshake, index, exit, home icon


Open, Up folder, Close folder, Closed folder, Open folder, Documents, Publish, My pictures, Open file, New folder, Save, Save as, Save data, Printer, Print, Print preview, Fast print, Send fax, Shredder, Scanner, Portrait, Landscape, Paper, No paper, Search, Search previous, Search next, Cut, Copy, Paste, Clipboard, Preview, Inspector, Compare files, View, Zoom in, Zoom out, Actual size, Find, Find text, Find on computer, Find in folder, SEO, Spectacles, Back, Forward, Undo, Redo, Sync, Synchronize, Refresh, Update, Revert, Flip, Rotation, Rotate right, Rotate left, Previous, Next, Go, Reject, Accept, Check boxes, OK, No, Cancel, Close, Turn off, Terminate, Stop, Restart, Info, Hint, Support, About, Comment, Message, Warning, Error, Danger, Problem, Forbidden, Create, Add, Delete, Remove, Apply, Clear, Eraser, Empty dustbin, Full dustbin, New file, Text file, File properties, Export text, Import text, Word 97 file, Word file, Word sample, Check compatibility, Title page, Drop cap, Caption, Header, Footer, Marginal notes, Page number, Current position, Side page number, Top page number, Bottom page number, Page number format, Delete page number, Cross reference, Checking area, Edit text, Edit document, Overpatching, Accept changes, Reject changes, Flip changes, Show changes, Next correction, Previuos correction, Page, Add page, Remove page, Page marking, Page width, Page break, Scale 100, Two files, Two pages, Read mode, Prepare, Draft, Final document, Restrictions, Properties, File info, Lock file, Encipher, Signature, Structure, Express block, Digital signature, File server, Workspace, How to, Script, Scenario, Macro, Form, Blank, Blanks, Items, List, Lists, List page, List pages, Number list, Scroll list, To do list, To do list page, Task list, Task list page, Report, Reports, Report page, Report pages, Market report, Market report page, Certification, Certificate, Cheque, Invoice, Price list, Price list page, Edit prices, Order, Tasks, Client list, Blog, Object, Object manager, Web document, Web site, Html message, Site map, News, Image file, Sound file, Multimedia file, Binary file, Burn Text, Page options, Replace text, Translation, Spell checking, Sort A-Z, Sort Z-A, Sort 1-9, Sort 9-1, Letters and digits, Digits, ABC, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Font style, Select font, Question, Symbol, Formula, Sum, Percent, Email, Bold, Italic, Special symbols, Underlined, Superscript, Subscript, Enlarge size, Reduce size, Align text left, Align text center, Align text right, Justify text, Align left, Align right, Align center, Justify, Table, Tables, Export table, Import table, Datasheet, Grid, Card, Cards, Card file, Card index, Open card index, Briefcase, Window, Windows, New window, Divide window, Move to other window, Normalize windows, WordArt, Brush, Feather, Pen, Red pencil, Green pencil, Blue pencil, Black pencil, Picture, Images, Clip, Gallery, Palette, Paint, Graphic tools, Camera, Movie, Chart, Diagram, 3Dchart, 3D bar chart, Statistics, Pie chart, 2d pie chart, Figures, Objects, SmartArt, Thesaurus, Book, Help book, Address book, Case history, Book of records, Open Book, Notebook, Notes, Notepad, Diary, Book library, Reference books, Open references, Online references, Hyperlink, Internet, Globe, RSS, Upload, Download, Hard drive, Data transmission, Restore, Backup, Computer, Database, Keyboard, Calculator, Phone, Mobile phone, Phones, Phone support, Telephone directory, Phone number, Letter, Mail, Write email, Open mail, Receive, Send, Get mail, Send mail, Envelope, Select recipients, Start merging, Stickers, Attach, Note, New note, Delete note, Previous note, Next note, Bookmark, Pin, Select, Cursor, Hierarchy, Flow block, Calendar, Date and time, Alarm, Time, History, Schedule, Time management, Dollar, Money, Credit card, Credit cards, Login form, Login, Lock, Key, Keys, Shield, Filter, Rulers, Measure, Units, Screen settings, Configuration, Repair, Settings, Favourites, Wizard, User, Users, User group, People, Conference, Chief editor, Editor, Writer, Blogger, Interpreter, Event manager, Professor, Lecturer, Student, Class board, Monkey, Knowledge, Publisher, Office, Desk, Coffee, Handshake, Index, Exit, Home

Google translation

Grünen, Up-Ordner, Ordner schließen, Closed-Ordner, Ordner öffnen, Dokumente, veröffentlichen, Bilder, Datei öffnen, Neuer Ordner, Speichern, Speichern unter, Daten speichern, Drucker, Drucken, Druckvorschau, Fast Druck, Fax senden, Shredder, Scanner, Porträt, Landschaft, Papier, kein Papier, Suche, Suche vorhergehende, Suche nächsten, Ausschneiden, Kopieren, Einfügen, Zwischenablage, Preview, Inspektor, Vergleichen von Dateien, die Ansicht, Vergrößern, Verkleinern, Originalgröße, Suchen, Suchen von Text, Finden Sie am Computer, finden Sie im Ordner, SEO, Brillen, Vor, Zurück, Rückgängig, Wiederherstellen, Sync, Synchronisation, Refresh, Update, Wiederherstellen, Flip, Rotation, rechts drehen, links drehen, Previous, Next, Go, Abweisen, Übernehmen, Kontrollkästchen, OK, Nein, Abbrechen, Schließen, Schalten, Beenden, Stop, Restart, Info, Hinweis-, Support-, Über, Kommentar, Nachricht, Warnung, Fehler, Danger, Problem, Forbidden, Erstellen, Hinzufügen, Löschen, Entfernen, Übernehmen, Frei, Radierer, Mülleimer leeren, Full Mülleimer, Neue Datei, Text-Datei, Datei-Eigenschaften, Text-Export, Import Text-, Word 97-Datei, Word-Datei, Word-Probe, Überprüfen Sie die Kompatibilität, Titelseite, Drop Mütze, Caption, Header, Footer, Randbemerkungen, Seitenzahl, aktuelle Position, Side Seitenzahl, Top Seitenzahl, stets auf der Webseite, Seitenzahl formatieren, löschen Seitenzahl, Cross reference, Prüfen Bereich Text bearbeiten, Dokument bearbeiten, Overpatching, Änderungen übernehmen, Änderungen verwerfen , Flip Veränderungen, Änderungen anzeigen, Weiter-Korrektur, Korrektur previuos, Page, Seite hinzufügen, entfernen Seite, Page-Kennzeichnung Page Breite, Seitenumbruch, Mensur 100, zwei Dateien, zwei Seiten, Read-Modus, Vorbereitung, Entwurf, Schlussdokument, Einschränkungen , Eigenschaften, Datei-Info, Lock-Datei verschlüsseln, Unterschrift, Struktur, Express-Block, Digitale Signatur, Datei-Server, Workspace, Windows, Script, Szenario, Macro, Form, Blank, Blanks, Artikel, Liste, Listen, Seite Liste Seiten auflisten, Number Liste, Scroll-Liste, To-do-Liste, Sie zur Liste, Aufgabenliste, Task-Liste Seite, Report, Reports, Report-Seite, Seiten-Bericht, Marktstudien, Marktbericht Seite, Zertifizierung, Zertifikat, Scheck, Rechnung zu tun, Preise, Preisliste Seite, Edit Preise, Auftrag, Aufgaben, Referenzliste, Blog, Object, Objekt-Manager, Web-Dokument, Web site, Html-Nachricht, Sitemap, News, Image-Datei, Sound-Datei, Multimedia-Datei, Binär-Datei, Burn Text, Seiten-Optionen, Ersetzen von Text, Übersetzung, Rechtschreibprüfung, Sortieren AZ, ZA sortieren, sortieren 1-9, Sortieren 9-1, Buchstaben und Ziffern, Ziffern, ABC, Chinesisch, Koreanisch, Japanisch, Schriftschnitt Wählen Sie Schriftart, Frage, Symbol, Formel, Summe, Prozent, E-Mail, Fett, Kursiv, Sonderzeichen, unterstrichen, hochgestellt, tiefgestellt, Größe Vergrößern, Verkleinern Größe, Ausrichten von Text links, links Ausrichten von Text-Center, Ausrichten von Text rechts, Blocksatz für den Text, Align, Align rechts, Zentriert, Blocksatz, Tisch, Tische, Tisch Export, Import-Tabelle, Datenblatt, Raster, Karte, Karten, Card-Datei, Kartei, Open-Kartei, Aktenkoffer, Window, Windows, neues Fenster, Dividieren Fenster, Verschieben in andere Fenster, Normalisieren Fensterheber, WordArt, Pinsel, Feder, Kugelschreiber, Bleistift Red, Green Bleistift, Blue Bleistift, Black Pencil, Bilder, Bilder, Clip, Galerie, Palette, Farbe, Grafik-Tools, Kamera, Film, Grafik, Diagramm, 3Dchart, 3D-Balkendiagramm, Statistik, Kreisdiagramm, 2d Kreisdiagramm, Figuren, Objekte, SmartArt, Thesaurus, Bücher, Hilfe, Adressbuch, Anamnese, Buch der Rekorde, Open Book, Notebook, Notizen, Notizbuch, Tagebuch, Bibliothek, Reference Bücher, Open Referenzen, Online-Referenzen, Hyperlink, Internet, Globe, RSS, Upload, Download, Festplatte, Datenübertragung, Restore, Backup, Computer, Datenbank, Tastatur, Rechner, Telefon, Handy, Telefon, Telefon-Support, Telefon Verzeichnis, Telefon, Brief, E-Mail, E-Mail schreiben, Open-mail, Empfangen, Senden, Get Mail, E-Mail senden, Umschlag, Empfänger wählen, Start Verschmelzung, Stickers, Befestigen, Note, Neue Notiz, löschen beachten Sie, zurück zur Kenntnis, beachten Sie weiter , Bookmark, Pin, Select, Cursor, Hierarchie, Flow-Block, Kalender, Datum und Uhrzeit, Wecker, Zeit, Geschichte, Spielplan, Zeitmanagement, Dollar, Geld, Kreditkarten, Kreditkarten, Login-Formular, Login, Lock, Key, Keys, Shield, Filter, Lineale, Messen, Einheiten, Screen-Einstellungen, Konfiguration, Reparatur, Einstellungen, Favoriten, Wizard, User, Benutzer, Benutzergruppen, People, Konferenz, Chefredakteur, Herausgeber, Autor, Blogger, Interpreter, Event Manager, Professor, Dozent, Student, Klasse Bord, Monkey, Wissen, Verlag, Büro, Schreibtisch, Kaffee, Handshake, Index, Exit, Home

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 Dieses Icon-Set jetzt für 79.95 EUR kaufen!


  • Bildgrößen: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 Pixel
  • Dateiformate: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon-Varianten: normal, hot, disabled
  • Anzahl der Bilder: 389
  • Preis: 79.95 EUR

    Icons kaufen - perfect office icons

    Icons downloaden - perfect office icons

    Über Perfect Office Icons

    Perfect Office Icons collection is a set of royalty-free icons which has been specially designed to breathe a new life into all of your office applications. Whether a text editor, a graphic editor, information manager or visual-presentation creator, you will find it easy and convenient to spice up the GUI of your software with our new set of Perfect Office Icons.

    Thanks to the long experience of our designers, all the icons have been creatively developed and carefully crafted, to make their look as appealing and intuitive as possible. All the icons have bright and well-matched colors; their edges are smooth and well-rounded.

    Even if you are not a software developer, you may still want to customize your personal space and change the appearance of the PC desktop that you see every day. Perfect Office Icons is the icon pack for you. It contains all the symbols that are commonly used in Microsoft Office and other major software packs.

    This fresh and stylish icon set contains icons for Word, Preview, Restrictions, Digital signature, Cross reference, Page break, Clipart and many more. Purchasing this fantastic product will save you lots of time and money, which you would have spent on custom icon design. Color formats include 32 bits and 256 color schemes. Available sizes are 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48.
    Über Perfect Office Icons
    Google translation

    Perfect Office-Ikonen Ansammlung ist eine Reihe von Royalty-Free Icons, die die speziell für ein neues Leben in all Ihre Office-Anwendungen zu atmen. Ob ein Text-Editor, einen Grafik-Editor, Information Manager oder visuell-Erstellung von Präsentationen finden Sie es einfach und bequem zu würzen die grafische Benutzeroberfläche der Software mit unserem neuen Reihe von Perfect Office Icons.

    Dank der langjährigen Erfahrung unserer Designer, wurden alle Symbole kreativ entwickelt und sorgfältig ausgearbeitet, um deren Aussehen zu machen, wie attraktiv und intuitiv wie möglich sein. Alle Icons sind hell und gut aufeinander abgestimmt-Farben, ihre Kanten sind glatt und gut abgerundet.

    Selbst wenn Sie kein Software-Entwickler, können Sie dennoch wollen Ihre persönlichen Raum anpassen und ändern Sie das Aussehen des PC-Desktop, die Sie jeden Tag zu sehen. Perfect Office Icons ist das Symbol Paket für Sie. Es enthält alle Symbole, die üblicherweise in Microsoft Office und anderen großen Software-Packs verwendet werden.

    Diese frische und elegante Icon Set enthält Icons für Word, Vorschau, Einschränkungen, Digitale Signatur, Cross reference, Seitenumbruch, Clipart und vieles mehr. Einkauf dieses fantastische Produkt sparen Sie viel Zeit und Geld, welches Sie auf benutzerdefinierten Icon Design hätte ausgegeben werden. Farb-Formate sind 32 Bit und 256 Farbschemata. Verfügbare Größen sind 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 und 48x48.