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Financial Icon Library for Vista

financial icon library for vista

Vista Financial Icon Library is a collection of money and shopping related icons in Windows Vista style. The collection is distributed as BMP, PNG, GIF and ICO files with each icon present in the 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and 256x256 sizes.

Google translation

Vista Financial Icon Library ist eine Sammlung von Geld-und Einkaufs-bezogene Icons in Windows Vista-Stil. Die Sammlung ist als BMP, PNG, GIF und ICO-Dateien mit einzelnen Symbole, die in der 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 und 256x256 verteilt Größen.

financial icon library for vista - product basket, product basket sh, full basket, full basket sh, red basket, red basket sh, full red basket, full red basket sh, hand truck, hand truck sh, credit card, credit card sh, money, money sh, currency, currency sh, bank notes, bank notes sh, coin, coin sh, dollar coin, dollar coin sh, coins, coins sh, money bag icon
financial icon library for vista - money bag sh, green dollar, green dollar sh, gold dollar, gold dollar sh, green euro, green euro sh, gold euro, gold euro sh, green pound sterling, green pound sterling sh, gold pound sterling, gold pound sterling sh, green yen, green yen sh, gold yen, gold yen sh, people, people sh, family, family sh, female, female sh, customer, customer sh icon
financial icon library for vista - customers, customers sh, user, user sh, users, users sh, user group, user group sh, conference, conference sh, boss, boss sh, staff, staff sh, worker, worker sh, postman, postman sh, personal loan, personal loan sh, marketer, marketer sh, publicity agent, publicity agent sh, realtor icon
financial icon library for vista - realtor sh, secretary, secretary sh, king, king sh, policeman, policeman sh, army, army sh, spy, spy sh, judge, judge sh, uncle sam, uncle sam sh, managers, managers sh, pirate, pirate sh, security, security sh, financier, financier sh, client, client sh icon
financial icon library for vista - client list, client list sh, prisoner, prisoner sh, bookkeeper, bookkeeper sh, chief, chief sh, e-mail, e-mail sh, question, question sh, yellow percent, yellow percent sh, red percent, red percent sh, income, income sh, tax, tax sh, hand, hand sh, earnings, earnings sh, payment icon
financial icon library for vista - payment sh, trade, trade sh, get money, get money sh, send money, send money sh, bank account, bank account sh, credit, credit sh, piggy-bank, piggy-bank sh, financial services, financial services sh, safe, safe sh, atm, atm sh, empty atm, empty atm sh, atm loading, atm loading sh, low cash atm, low cash atm sh icon
financial icon library for vista - insurance, insurance sh, umbrella, umbrella sh, real estate, real estate sh, auction, auction sh, abacus, abacus sh, passport, passport sh, forex trading, forex trading sh, stock market, stock market sh, graph, graph sh, chart, chart sh, reports, reports sh, blue chips, blue chips sh, blue chip icon
financial icon library for vista - blue chip sh, gift, gift sh, time, time sh, cash register, cash register sh, calculator, calculator sh, folder, folder sh, documents, documents sh, hot documents, hot documents sh, notebook, notebook sh, computer, computer sh, display, display sh, web-camera, web-camera sh, lost communications, lost communications sh icon
financial icon library for vista - out of service, out of service sh, fate, fate sh, problem, problem sh, multiple problems, multiple problems sh, registered problem, registered problem sh, investigation, investigation sh, lock, lock sh, artwork and antiques, artwork and antiques sh, arts, arts sh, vase, vase sh, movie industry, movie industry sh, movie, movie sh, electronic industry icon
financial icon library for vista - electronic industry sh, video games, video games sh, internet company, internet company sh, cable tv, cable tv sh, satellite radio company, satellite radio company sh, telecommunications, telecommunications sh, electricity supply network, electricity supply network sh, airline, airline sh, military-industrial establishment, military-industrial establishment sh, car factory, car factory sh, diamond mining, diamond mining sh, hammer, hammer sh, diamond, diamond sh icon
financial icon library for vista - petroleum industry, petroleum industry sh, steel industry, steel industry sh, gold-mine, gold-mine sh, technology, technology sh, news, news sh, newspaper, newspaper sh, newspapers, newspapers sh, professional sports, professional sports sh, custom house, custom house sh, van, van sh, agriculture, agriculture sh, health protection, health protection sh, restaurant icon
financial icon library for vista - restaurant sh, textile industry, textile industry sh, construction firm, construction firm sh, building crane, building crane sh, building, building sh, realty, realty sh, property, property sh, home, home sh icon


Product basket, Product basket SH, Full basket, Full basket SH, Red basket, Red basket SH, Full red basket, Full red basket SH, Hand truck, Hand truck SH, Credit card, Credit card SH, Money, Money SH, Currency, Currency SH, Bank notes, Bank notes SH, Coin, Coin SH, Dollar coin, Dollar coin SH, Coins, Coins SH, Money bag, Money bag SH, Green Dollar, Green Dollar SH, Gold Dollar, Gold Dollar SH, Green Euro, Green Euro SH, Gold Euro, Gold Euro SH, Green Pound Sterling, Green Pound Sterling SH, Gold Pound Sterling, Gold Pound Sterling SH, Green Yen, Green Yen SH, Gold Yen, Gold Yen SH, People, People SH, Family, Family SH, Female, Female SH, Customer, Customer SH, Customers, Customers SH, User, User SH, Users, Users SH, User group, User group SH, Conference, Conference SH, Boss, Boss SH, Staff, Staff SH, Worker, Worker SH, Postman, Postman SH, Personal loan, Personal loan SH, Marketer, Marketer SH, Publicity agent, Publicity agent SH, Realtor, Realtor SH, Secretary, Secretary SH, King, King SH, Policeman, Policeman SH, Army, Army SH, Spy, Spy SH, Judge, Judge SH, Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam SH, Managers, Managers SH, Pirate, Pirate SH, Security, Security SH, Financier, Financier SH, Client, Client SH, Client list, Client list SH, Prisoner, Prisoner SH, Bookkeeper, Bookkeeper SH, Chief, Chief SH, E-mail, E-mail SH, Question, Question SH, Yellow percent, Yellow percent SH, Red percent, Red percent SH, Income, Income SH, Tax, Tax SH, Hand, Hand SH, Earnings, Earnings SH, Payment, Payment SH, Trade, Trade SH, Get money, Get money SH, Send money, Send money SH, Bank account, Bank account SH, Credit, Credit SH, Piggy-bank, Piggy-bank SH, Financial services, Financial services SH, Safe, Safe SH, ATM, ATM SH, Empty ATM, Empty ATM SH, ATM loading, ATM loading SH, Low cash ATM, Low cash ATM SH, Insurance, Insurance SH, Umbrella, Umbrella SH, Real estate, Real estate SH, Auction, Auction SH, Abacus, Abacus SH, Passport, Passport SH, Forex trading, Forex trading SH, Stock market, Stock market SH, Graph, Graph SH, Chart, Chart SH, Reports, Reports SH, Blue chips, Blue chips SH, Blue chip, Blue chip SH, Gift, Gift SH, Time, Time SH, Cash register, Cash register SH, Calculator, Calculator SH, Folder, Folder SH, Documents, Documents SH, Hot documents, Hot documents SH, Notebook, Notebook SH, Computer, Computer SH, Display, Display SH, Web-camera, Web-camera SH, Lost communications, Lost communications SH, Out of service, Out of service SH, Fate, Fate SH, Problem, Problem SH, Multiple problems, Multiple problems SH, Registered problem, Registered problem SH, Investigation, Investigation SH, Lock, Lock SH, Artwork and Antiques, Artwork and Antiques SH, Arts, Arts SH, Vase, Vase SH, Movie industry, Movie industry SH, Movie, Movie SH, Electronic industry, Electronic industry SH, Video games, Video games SH, Internet company, Internet company SH, Cable TV, Cable TV SH, Satellite Radio Company, Satellite Radio Company SH, Telecommunications, Telecommunications SH, Electricity supply network, Electricity supply network SH, Airline, Airline SH, Military-industrial establishment, Military-industrial establishment SH, Car factory, Car factory SH, Diamond mining, Diamond mining SH, Hammer, Hammer SH, Diamond, Diamond SH, Petroleum industry, Petroleum industry SH, Steel industry, Steel industry SH, Gold-mine, Gold-mine SH, Technology, Technology SH, News, News SH, Newspaper, Newspaper SH, Newspapers, Newspapers SH, Professional sports, Professional sports SH, Custom house, Custom house SH, Van, Van SH, Agriculture, Agriculture SH, Health protection, Health protection SH, Restaurant, Restaurant SH, Textile industry, Textile industry SH, Construction firm, Construction firm SH, Building crane, Building crane SH, Building, Building SH, Realty, Realty SH, Property, Property SH, Home, Home SH

Google translation

Größe legen, Größe und legen SH, Full legen, Full legen SH, legen Red, Red legen SH, Full rot legen, Full rot legen SH, Sackkarre, Sackkarre SH, Kreditkarte, Kreditkarte SH, Money, Money SH, Währung , Währung SH, Banknoten, Banknoten SH, Coin, Coin SH, Dollar-Münze, Dollar-Münze SH, Münzen, Münzen SH, Geldtasche, Geld Tasche SH, Green Dollar, Green Dollar SH, Gold Dollar, Gold Dollar SH, Green Euro, Euro SH Grün, Gold Euro, Gold SH Euro, Pfund Sterling Green, Green Pound Sterling SH, Pound Sterling Gold, Gold Pound Sterling SH, Yen Green, Green Yen SH-, Gold-Yen, Gold Yen SH, Menschen, Menschen SH, Familie, Familie, SH, Frauen, Mädchen SH-, Kunden-, Kunden-SH, Kunden, Kunden, SH, Benutzer-, Benutzer-SH, Benutzer, Benutzer-SH, Benutzergruppe, Benutzer-SH-Gruppe, Tagung, Konferenz SH, Boss, Boss SH, Personal, Personal SH, Arbeiter, Arbeiter SH, Postman Postman SH, Privatdarlehen, Persönlicher Kredit SH, Marketer, Marketer SH, Werbung Agenten, Werbung Anbieters SH, Makler, Realtor SH, Sekretär, Sekretärin SH, König, König SH, Polizist, Polizist SH , Armee, Armee-SH, Spy, Spy SH, Richter, Richter SH, Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam SH, Agenturen, Agenturen SH, Pirat, Pirate SH, Security, Sicherheit SH, Financier, Financier SH, Client, Client SH, Referenzliste , Referenzliste SH, Gefangene, Gefangene SH, Buchhalter, Buchhalter SH, Chief, Chief SH, E-Mail, E-Mail-SH, Frage, Frage SH, Gelb Prozent, Gelb Prozent SH, Red Prozent, Rot Prozent SH, Einkommen, SH Income, Tax, Tax SH, Hand-, Hand-SH-, Ertrags-, Ertrags-SH, Zahlung, SH, Handel, Marken, SH, Holen Sie sich Geld, Geld holen SH, Geld senden, Geld senden SH, Bankverbindung, Kontonummer SH, Credit , Credit SH, Sparbüchse, Sparbüchse SH-, Finanz-Dienstleistungen, Finanzdienstleistungen SH, Safe, Safe SH, ATM, ATM-SH, Empty ATM, ATM leeren SH, ATM Laden-, ATM-Laden SH, Low Cash ATM, Low Cash ATM-SH-, Versicherungs-, Versicherungs-SH, Regenschirm, Umbrella SH, Immobilien, Immobilien SH, Auktion, Auktion SH, Abacus, Abacus SH, Pass, Pass-SH, Forex Trading, Forex Trading SH-, Börsen-, Börsen-SH, Graph , Grafik SH, Chart, Chart SH, Berichte, Reports SH, Blue Chips Blue Chips SH, Blue Chip, Blue-Chip-SH, Geschenke, Geschenke SH, Time, Time SH, Registrierkasse, Registrierkasse SH, Rechner-Rechner SH, Folder, Folder SH, Dokumente, Dokumente SH, Dokumente Hot, Hot Dokumente SH, Notebook, Notebook-SH, Computer, Computer SH, Display, Anzeige SH, Web-Kamera, Web-Kamera SH, Lost Kommunikation, Kommunikation Lost SH, Out of Service, Out-of-Service SH, Schicksal, das Schicksal SH, Problem, Problem SH, Multiple Probleme Mehrere Probleme SH, Registrierte Problem, Registrierte Problem SH, Untersuchungen, Untersuchung SH, Lock, Lock SH, Kunstwerke und Antiquitäten, Kunstwerke und Antiquitäten SH, Kunst, Kunst SH, Vase, Vase SH, Film-Industrie, Industrie SH Movie, Movie, Movie SH, Elektronikindustrie, Elektronikindustrie SH, Videospiele, Videospiele SH, Internet-Unternehmen, Internet-Firma SH, Kabel-TV, Kabel-TV SH, Satellite Radio Company, Satellite Radio Company SH, Telekommunikation, Telekommunikation SH, Stromversorgung Netz, Stromversorgung Netz SH, Airline, Fluggesellschaft SH, Militär-Industrie-Einrichtung, militärisch-industriellen Einführung SH, Autofabrik, Autofabrik SH, Diamond Bergbau, Diamond Bergbau-SH, Hammer, Hammer SH, Diamond, Diamond SH, Erdöl-Industrie, Mineralölindustrie SH, Stahlindustrie, Stahlindustrie SH, Gold-Mine, Gold-Mine SH, Technik, Technologie SH, News, News SH, Zeitung, Zeitung SH , Zeitung, Zeitung SH, Profisport, Profisport SH, Custom House, Custom House SH, Van, Van SH, Landwirtschaft, Landwirtschaft SH, Gesundheitsschutz, Gesundheitsschutz SH, Restaurant, Restaurant SH, Textilindustrie, Textilindustrie SH, Construction Unternehmen, Baufirma SH, Bau-Kran, Kran SH Gebäude, Gebäude, Gebäude SH, Realty, Realty SH, Immobilie, Immobilien SH, Home, Home SH

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  • Bildgrößen: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 Pixel
  • Dateiformate: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon-Varianten: normal
  • Anzahl der Bilder: 290
  • Preis: 99.00 EUR

    Icons kaufen - financial icon library for vista

    Icons downloaden - financial icon library for vista

    Über Financial Icon Library for Vista

    Vista Financial Icon Library is a collection of pre-made high quality icons representing various finance and shopping related images: dollar, euro, pound and yen currency signs, single coin, pile of coins, cash register, shopping basket and others.

    All pictures in the collection are created in the Windows Vista style. They are delivered as BMP, PNG, GIF or ICO files with each icon present in the 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and 256x256 sizes. There are 256-color icons (for old Windows versions) and full-color transparent icons (for Windows XP and Vista). Also, there are two versions of each icon included: with and without shadows.

    Vista Financial Icon Library can be used in: - Database applications; - Accounting and financial software; - Online shops.

    Since the collection contains 256x256 icons for Windows Vista, the icons can be used in the application toolbar and as application icons.

    You can purchase the entire Vista Financial Icon Library or individual icons for $1 each.

    Icons included in Vista Financial Icon Library are of excellent quality and have been crafted by professional designers. They are an excellent choice for individual software developers and small businesses willing to use modern high quality icons in their applications without having to hire a designer to draw them.

    Icon Impire plans to release the next icon packs also: Stock Professional Icons, Stock Button Icons, Stock Trash Icons, Stock Factory Icons, Stock Love Icons, Stock Software Icons, Stock Stock Icons, Stock Cool Icons, Stock Developer Icons, Stock Small Icons, Stock Sport Icons.
    Über Financial Icon Library for Vista
    Google translation

    Vista Financial Icon Library ist eine Sammlung von vorgefertigten hochwertige Symbole für verschiedene Finanz-und Einkaufsviertel verwandte Bilder: Dollar, Euro, Pfund und Yen Währung Zeichen, und derselben Medaille, Haufen Münzen, Registrierkasse, Einkaufskorb und andere.

    Alle Bilder in der Sammlung sind in der Windows Vista-Stil. Sie werden als BMP-, PNG-, GIF-oder ICO-Dateien mit einzelnen Symbole, die in der 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 und 256x256 Größen geliefert. Es gibt 256-farbige Symbole (für ältere Windows-Versionen) und farbige transparente Icons (für Windows XP und Vista). Außerdem gibt es zwei Versionen der einzelnen Symbole sind im Preis inbegriffen: mit und ohne Schatten.

    Vista Financial Icon Library können verwendet werden: - Datenbank-Anwendungen; - Bilanzierungs-und Finanz-Software; - Online-Shops.

    Da die Sammlung 256x256 Icons für Windows Vista enthält, können die Symbole in der Symbolleiste Anwendung verwendet werden und als Programmsymbole.

    Sie können den gesamten Vista Financial Icon Library oder einzelne Symbole Kauf zu je 5 Euro.

    Icons in Vista enthalten Financial Icon Library sind von hervorragender Qualität und wurden von professionellen Designern gestaltete. Sie sind eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für individuelle Software-Entwickler und kleine Unternehmen bereit, moderne hochwertige Ikonen in ihren Anwendungen, ohne dass ein Designer, um ihnen zu ziehen Miete zu nutzen. Icon IMPIRE Pläne zum nächsten Symbol Release-Packs auch: Stock Professional Icons, Stock Button Icons, Stock Icons Trash, Factory Stock Icons, Stock Love Icons, Stock Software Icons, Stock Stock Icons, Stock Icons Cool, Stock Developer Icons, Stock Kleine Symbole , Stock Sport Icons.