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Business Icons for Vista

business icons for vista

Business Icons for Vista is a ready-made design solution, which is well suited for a variety of business websites and applications. This set comes in all standard sizes in 256 and 32-bit color with transparency and it is available in various formats.

Google translation

Business Icons für Windows Vista ist eine fertige Design-Lösung, die auch für eine Vielzahl von Business-Websites und-Anwendungen geeignet ist. Dieser Satz kommt in allen gängigen Größen in 256 und 32-Bit-Farbe mit Transparenz und es ist in verschiedenen Formaten zur Verfügung.

business icons for vista - dollar, money, credit card, credit cards, coin, coins, cash, exchange, price list, travel industry, tourist industry, tourist business, credit, insurance, atm, empty atm, atm loading, low cash atm, lost communications, casino, world, earth, globe, web, online contacts icon
business icons for vista - place selection, zoom place, zoom, recycling, compass, compass needle, hotel stars, company, bank, hotel, hotels, industry, home, property, city, road, railway, airport, transport, air tickets, liner, flights, add flight, plane, airline icon
business icons for vista - airplane, satellite, helicopter, rocket, parachute, ship, boat, yacht, sail, train, tank wagon, freight car, freight container, subway, bus, red bus, delivery, cargo, lorry, panel truck, tow truck, crane truck, forklift truck, tank truck, wheeled tractor icon
business icons for vista - catterpillar tractor, excavator, motorcycle, utility atv, ambulance car, taxi, car, cars, jeep, silver car, cabriolet, pick-up, laden pick-up, hummer, police car, automobile loan, rent a car, car guard, car buyer, automobile loan interest payment, car repair, find car, car utilization, auto insurance, car key icon
business icons for vista - car keys, customers, key, user, woman, users, user group, favourites, clock, history, schedule, gauge, time management, search, search v2, find, tip of the day, bulb, energy, switch, turn off, no, turn off button, hibernate, restart icon
business icons for vista - save, load data, save data, gears, gear, red gear, options, settings, calendar, newspaper, address book, help book, brief case, database, statistics, 3d graph, 3d bar chart, pie chart, card file, case history, reports, notes, properties, signature, desktop icon
business icons for vista - data synchronization, data transmission, printer, calculator, cash register, check out cart, shopping cart, hand cart, baby carriage, box, laden pallet, empty pallet, loading, unloading, buyer bag, passport, phone support, phone, office phone, mobile phone, voip, shield, medical insurance, first aid, baggage icon
business icons for vista - food, shoes, furniture, armchair, musical instruments, equipment, trip, lobster, e-mail, question, problem, multiple problems, registered problem, out of service, mail, write e-mail, mail delivery, web page, house, realty, home page, home page v2, closed door, open door, exit icon
business icons for vista - logout icon


Dollar, Money, Credit card, Credit cards, Coin, Coins, Cash, Exchange, Price list, Travel industry, Tourist industry, Tourist business, Credit, Insurance, ATM, Empty ATM, ATM loading, Low cash ATM, Lost communications, Casino, World, Earth, Globe, Web, Online contacts, Place selection, Zoom place, Zoom, Recycling, Compass, Compass needle, Hotel stars, Company, Bank, Hotel, Hotels, Industry, Home, Property, City, Road, Railway, Airport, Transport, Air tickets, Liner, Flights, Add flight, Plane, Airline, Airplane, Satellite, Helicopter, Rocket, Parachute, Ship, Boat, Yacht, Sail, Train, Tank wagon, Freight car, Freight container, Subway, Bus, Red bus, Delivery, Cargo, Lorry, Panel truck, Tow truck, Crane truck, Forklift truck, Tank truck, Wheeled tractor, Catterpillar tractor, Excavator, Motorcycle, Utility ATV, Ambulance car, Taxi, Car, Cars, Jeep, Silver car, Cabriolet, Pick-up, Laden pick-up, Hummer, Police car, Automobile loan, Rent a car, Car guard, Car buyer, Automobile loan interest payment, Car repair, Find car, Car utilization, Auto insurance, Car key, Car keys, Customers, Key, User, Woman, Users, User group, Favourites, Clock, History, Schedule, Gauge, Time management, Search, Search v2, Find, Tip of the day, Bulb, Energy, Switch, Turn off, No, Turn off button, Hibernate, Restart, Save, Load data, Save data, Gears, Gear, Red gear, Options, Settings, Calendar, Newspaper, Address book, Help book, Brief case, Database, Statistics, 3d graph, 3d bar chart, Pie chart, Card file, Case history, Reports, Notes, Properties, Signature, Desktop, Data synchronization, Data transmission, Printer, Calculator, Cash register, Check out cart, Shopping cart, Hand cart, Baby carriage, Box, Laden pallet, Empty pallet, Loading, Unloading, Buyer bag, Passport, Phone support, Phone, Office phone, Mobile phone, VOIP, Shield, Medical insurance, First aid, Baggage, Food, Shoes, Furniture, Armchair, Musical instruments, Equipment, Trip, Lobster, E-mail, Question, Problem, Multiple problems, Registered problem, Out of service, Mail, Write e-mail, Mail delivery, Web page, House, Realty, Home page, Home page v2, Closed door, Open door, Exit, Logout

Google translation

Dollar, Geld, Kreditkarten, Kreditkarten, Münzen, Münzen, Bargeld, Exchange, Preisliste, Reisebranche, Touristik, Touristik Unternehmen, Kredit-, Versicherungs-, ATM-, ATM-Leer-, ATM-Laden, Low Cash ATM, Lost Kommunikation, Casino , Welt, Erde, Globus, Web, Online-Kontakte, Place Auswahl, Ort Zoom, Zoom, Recycling, Kompass, Kompass-Nadel, Hotel Sternen, Firma, Bank, Hotel, Hotels, Industrie, Haus, Immobilie, Stadt, Straße, Schiene, Flughafen, Verkehr, Flugtickets, Liner, Flüge, hinzufügen Flug, Flugzeug, Airline, Flugzeug-, Satelliten, Hubschrauber, Rakete, Fallschirm, Schiff, Boot, Yacht, Segel, Zug, Kesselwagen, Güterwagen, Container-Fracht-, U-Bahn, Bus , Red Bus-, Liefer-, Fracht-, LKW, LKW-Panel, Anhängerkupplung LKW, LKW-Kran, Gabelstapler, Tankwagen, Radschlepper, Catterpillar Traktor, Bagger, Motorrad, Utility ATV, Krankenwagen, Taxi, Auto, Autos, Jeep, Silber Auto, Cabriolet, Pick-up, Laden Pick-up, Hummer, Polizei Auto, Auto Darlehen, Rent a car, Car Guard, Auto-Käufer, Kfz-Darlehen Zinsen, Auto Reparatur, Auto suchen, Auto-Auslastung, Auto Versicherung, Auto-Taste Finden Sie Autoschlüssel, Kunden, Schlüssel, Benutzer, Woman, Benutzer, Benutzergruppen, Favoriten, Clock, Geschichte, Spielplan, Messgerät, Zeit-Management, Suche, Search v2, Tip des Tages, Birne, Energie, Switch, Schalten Sie Nein, Turn Off-Knopf, Hibernate, Starten, Speichern, Laden von Daten, Daten speichern, Zahnräder, Getriebe, Rot Getriebe, Optionen, Einstellungen, Kalender, Zeitungen, Adressbuch, Hilfe Buch, Aktentasche, Datenbank, Statistik, 3D-Grafik, 3D-Balkendiagramm, Kreisdiagramm, Card-Datei, Anamnese, Berichte, Notizen, Immobilien, Unterschrift, Desktop-, Daten-Synchronisation, Datenübertragung, Drucker, Rechner, Registrierkasse, Check-Out Warenkorb, Einkaufswagen, Handwagen, Kinderwagen, Box , Laden-Palette, leere Palette, Laden, Löschen, Käufer Tasche, Pass-, Telefon-Support, Telefon, Office Telefon, Handy, VOIP, Shield, medizinische Versicherung, Erste-Hilfe-, Gepäck, Lebensmittel, Schuhe, Möbel, Sessel, Musikinstrumente, Ausrüstung, Reise, Hummer, E-Mail, Frage, Problem, gleich mehrere Probleme auf, Registrierte Problem, Out-of-Service, E-Mail, E-Mail schreiben, E-Mail Lieferung, Web-Seite, House, Realty, Startseite, Startseite v2, Geschlossene Tür , Tür öffnen, Exit, Logout

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  • Bildgrößen: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128, 256x256 Pixel
  • Dateiformate: ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Icon-Varianten: normal
  • Anzahl der Bilder: 201
  • Preis: 64.00 EUR

    Icons kaufen - business icons for vista

    Icons downloaden - business icons for vista

    Über Business Icons for Vista

    Business Icons for Vista introduces a splendid icon collection well-suited for websites and programs associated with all sorts of business activities. The set provides icons depicting various business-related matters, such as commerce, means of communication, different types of transport, customer relations, etc. The icons are carefully drawn in a Vista-like manner, which helps to give your project a modern, friendly look. When the market is full of rivals and time is short, Business Icons for Vista is a great ready-made solution that'll give you a competitive edge based on visual attractiveness of your project.

    A single glance is enough to be inspired by the quality of these marvelous icons. If you want to make a good impression on the target audience, Business Icons for Vista is what you need. The icons are refined in every detail and will be a true adornment for any project. The icon set comes in all standard sizes, including 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and 256x256. The icons are available in 256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency. They can be delivered in one of the following formats of your choice: ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP. Business Icons for Vista is ideal for designing a professional website for your enterprise, as well as creating classy looking interfaces for business applications.

    Aha-Soft plans to release the next icon libraries also: Desktop Icon Library, Flag Icon Library, Aero Icon Library, Web Icon Library, Office Icon Library, Weather Icon Library, Computer Icon Library, Folder Icon Library, Software Icon Library, Design Icon Library.
    Über Business Icons for Vista
    Google translation

    Business Icons for Vista bietet eine herrliche Sammlung der Ikonen gut für Websites und Programme, mit allen möglichen Geschäftstätigkeit verbundenen geeignet. Das Set bietet Ikonen, auf denen verschiedene Business-Fragen, wie Handel, Mittel der Kommunikation, die verschiedenen Transportarten Beziehungen zu Kunden, etc. Die Icons sind sorgfältig in einem Vista-ähnliche Art und Weise erstellt, die Ihr Projekt ein modernes hilft, freundliches Aussehen. Wenn der Markt ist voll von Konkurrenten und die Zeit ist kurz, Business Icons für Windows Vista ist eine große fertige Lösung, die Ihnen einen Wettbewerbsvorteil auf die visuelle Attraktivität Ihres Projekts basiert werden.

    Ein einziger Blick genügt, um die Qualität dieser wunderschönen Ikonen inspirieren zu lassen. Wenn Sie einen guten Eindruck auf die Zielgruppe bilden möchten, ist Business Icons for Vista, was Sie brauchen. Die Symbole sind in jedem Detail verbessert und wird ein echter Schmuck für jedes Projekt. Das Icon-Set in allen gängigen Größen, einschließlich 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 und 256x256. Die Symbole sind in 256 Farben und True Color mit semi-transparent zur Verfügung. Sie können in einem der folgenden Formate Ihrer Wahl: ICO-, PNG-, GIF-und BMP-geliefert werden. Business Icons für Windows Vista ist für die Gestaltung einer professionellen Website für Ihr Unternehmen ideal, sowie die Schaffung stilvollen gerichteten Interfaces für Business-Anwendungen.

    Aha-Soft plant, die nächste Symbol Bibliotheken auch release: Desktop Icon Library, Flag Icon Library, Aero Icon Library, Web Icon Library, Office Icon Library, Wetter Icon Library, Computer Icon Library, Folder Icon Library, Software Icon Library, Design Icon Bibliothek.